West Cheshire Autism Hub becomes a charity

After launching in 2020 to provide a welcoming space to autistic adults and their families, the West Cheshire Autism Hub has now officially become a charity and will continue offering invaluable services in the future.

Along with providing services at The Bluecoat in Chester, the West Cheshire Autism Hub is also active in the wider community, aiming to bridge gaps and support people who might not meet the threshold for other services.

The Autism Hub now has a very busy schedule week after week, offering sessions around things like cooking, arts and crafts and drama and working with partners so people can access post-diagnostic support and a range of other services.

Many people now visit The Bluecoat on a regular basis so they can socialise with others and access services in a non-clinical setting.

Gus Cairns, Chair of the West Cheshire Autism Hub Board, said: “We’re delighted to have achieved charity status as this will really help us generate funding in the future so we can deliver these important services.

“The Autism Hub has been a great addition to the support available for autistic people in west Cheshire and it’s been fantastic to see the number of people reaching out to us for support.

“We have a fantastic team of staff and volunteers, going above and beyond all the time to support people, and we’re looking forward to continue developing our services in the future.”

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