Take part in the autism access and advocacy project

As part of the West Cheshire Autism Hub’s new autism access and advocacy project, autistic individuals and their families or carers can explore the barriers they experience when accessing support for their mental health.

Using the health passport created by the Autism Hub, the project will help individuals advocate their needs and prepare for appointments.

The Autism Hub will offer a number of days where 20-minute appointments can be booked, starting from Friday 4 February, with a member of staff on hand to help people fill in your profiles and more.

This will include time to prepare for appointments, prioritising what you want to communicate, and the content of each profile will be bespoke and based on individual need, rather than generic autism guidance.

As a service, the Autism Hub is very much led by people accessing its services so the project aligns with its core values. At the heart of this project is autistic individuals being empowered to advocate their own needs and access mental health support.

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