New year, more art sessions available

A series of art sessions are being held for members of the West Cheshire Autism Hub to help kickstart 2022.

Helen, who runs the art sessions, will be focusing on mental health in a new series, sharing useful resources and support information each week. Those taking part are also welcome to share their own resources they find helpful with Helen ahead of any of the sessions.

Taking place at 4pm to 5.30pm each Friday from 28 January, the following schedule is planned for the art sessions on mental health.

  • Week one – What helps me support my mental wellbeing?
  • Week two – Identifying when I’m not OK and looking at triggers
  • Week three – Mood, music and when I’m feeling sad
  • Week four – Talking about depression with visuals and imagery
  • Week five – Emotions, check-in exercise and taking a breath
  • Week six – Theme chosen by the group
  • Week seven – Anxiety, breathing exercises and art
  • Week eight – Mood, music and when I’m feeling angry or irritated
  • Week nine – Nature, mental wellbeing and sensory
  • Week 10 – Theme chosen by the group

The ‘Getting to know me’ art sessions that were held last year will also return, taking place from 6.30pm to 8pm each Tuesday from 1 February.

  • Week one – Special interests
  • Week two – The senses (vision, hearing, touch and smell)
  • Week three – Balance
  • Week four – Masks
  • Week five – Strengths
  • Week six – Theme chosen by the group

All these art sessions are free to members of the Autism Hub and will take place virtually online.

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