Get involved with a webinar on autism advocacy

The West Cheshire Autism Hub is holding a webinar with Gill Loomes-Quinn about advocacy for, with and by autistic people.

Gill has a background in community advocacy and worked for several years as an autism-specific advocate in west Yorkshire. She has also taught and published on the development of good practice for autism advocacy – notably with the Autism Centre for Education and Research (ACER) at the University of Birmingham, where she held a teaching fellowship and still has close links.

Advocacy plays a central role in making the world better for autistic people both as individuals and a community.

During this webinar, Gill will draw on her experience in autism advocacy to lead a discussion on how we might best advocate for ourselves and our community. Karen McGuinness, Strategy Manager at the Autism Hub, will also ask Gill questions submitted by you.

Would you like to ask a question? It could be about promoting advocacy or the kind of barriers people can face. You can send questions to us on social media or by email.

The webinar will be pre recorded and made available across the Autism Hub’s social media channels for members and partners to watch in full.

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