Access the Brain in Hand service at the Autism Hub

The brand-new West Cheshire Autism Hub is delivering a Brain in Hand service, using digital technology to help autistic adults self regulate, reduce anxiety, increase independence, remember events and feel supported.

Brain in Hand can be used on mobile devices, tablets and computers and provides plenty of support, such as creating lists and reminders, adding strategies to help you manage any issues, setting reminders so you can take a break and helping you with independent living.

There’s also a traffic light system so you can record how strategies and tasks have helped you solve any problems you face. Green can be used when it’s gone well and you’re fine, amber for when things are a bit difficult and red for when you’re becoming fatigued or anxious.

Emergency support will also be available for those who need it 24-hours-a-day through Brain in Hand.

Autistic adults can be referred to the Autism Hub by a provider or service so they can access Brain in Hand. Once people have been successfully referred, the following process is in place.

  • You’ll be given a one-year licence for Brain in Hand.
  • You’ll have a meeting with a Brain in Hand specialist so you can look at goals you want to achieve, read a workbook and complete some short online tasks.
  • A Brain in Hand specialist will help you get started on the system and set your goals.
  • Regular reviews will take place to see how you’re getting on with the system.

All you need to do to refer someone is complete a short online form. A panel will then go through the applications, which close on Friday 28 May.

As some people visiting the Autism Hub might not be accessing other services or receiving support elsewhere, self-referrals are also being accepted so everyone can benefit from Brain in Hand.

Karen McGuinness, Strategy Manager at the West Cheshire Autism Hub, said: “We’re delighted to be delivering this excellent service at the Autism Hub.

“Brain in Hand is all about helping people become more independent and manage their own situation, which fits in perfectly with the ethos we have at the Autism Hub.

“We can’t wait to see how the service develops and the benefits it will bring for the people we support at the Autism Hub.”

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