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Get involved with more art sessions

Following the success of ‘Helen’s artsy sessions’, a further six-week course titled ‘Getting to know me’ is being run by the West Cheshire Autism Hub to help people get creative. All sessions will take place online over Zoom and you can create art using any medium you currently have at home. It could be pencils … Read More

Get cooking at the Autism Hub

Cooking sessions will be taking place at the West Cheshire Autism Hub, providing an opportunity for people to try out a number of different recipes and come up with some fantastic creations. Starting from 10.30am to 12.30pm on Thursday 24 June with ‘The Italian Job’, the cooking sessions will be run at the same time … Read More

Create art with other autistic adults

The West Cheshire Autism Hub is delighted to be running two of ‘Helen’s artsy sessions’ on Zoom in May. Putting aside time for creative expression has great benefits for mental health and wellbeing, making art can be both relaxing and reduce stress, and making art with others can bring connection and reduce feelings of isolation. … Read More

Get involved with virtual reality gaming sessions

The West Cheshire Autism Hub has teamed up with Inclusive Community Development (ICD) so autistic adults can take part in virtual reality (VR) gaming sessions, have plenty of fun and gain endless benefits. VR is a technology that allows you to experience games and activities as if you were really there. You wear a headset … Read More

Blogging about autistic burnout

Karen McGuinness, Strategy Manager at the West Cheshire Autism Hub, has written a personal blog for the WeCanAccess website. Read the full blog Karen is a parent of three amazing children, two of whom are autistic, and talks about autistic burnout in her blog, including what people can do to prevent it.

Get involved with a webinar on autism advocacy

The West Cheshire Autism Hub is holding a webinar with Gill Loomes-Quinn about advocacy for, with and by autistic people. Gill has a background in community advocacy and worked for several years as an autism-specific advocate in west Yorkshire. She has also taught and published on the development of good practice for autism advocacy – … Read More